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About Us

The CEEC USA is a group of churches, dioceses, parishes, and orders that are mostly located within the United States of America. Its cathedral church is The Father’s House located in Hutchinson, KS.

Through our shared desire to see Christ’s church unified, we strive to show the unity that Jesus talked about in John 17.

“That they may be one…”

The CEEC USA is a province of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches™ (CEEC). The CEEC emerged through an organic movement of faith leaders known as the Convergence Movement in which Anglican communities cultivated a rich openness to the gifts of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in corporate worship, while Evangelical churches reached back to the buried treasures of sacred sacraments, scripture, liturgies and creeds.

There, amidst this intentional convergence, the Church reunited with itself across traditions in a richness of worship that transcended stylistic and doctrinal differences to celebrate a singular, common faith.