Diocese and Orders

The CEEC USA is made up of Diocese and Orders. Each Diocese or Order has a Bishop or Bishop Protector that leads and gives direction to the various members and churches. If you are interested in joining a diocese or order, click here.


Dioceses are groups of churches or home gatherings that are joined relationally. While usually in a specific area or region, dioceses within the CEEC USA can span nationwide and are not limited to region. They are based upon relationships that have been built or formed with each other.

Diocese of St. Patrick

Bishop Wayne Boosahda

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Diocese of the Restoration

Bishop Quintin Moore

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Diocese of St. Cuthbert

Bishop Mike Warnke

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Diocese of St. Anthony

Bishop Ed Gungor

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Orders are groups of individuals who have embraced a rule of life rooted in spiritual disciplines and intentional community. Members of an order commit to a daily habit of prayer, reading, and growing with other members in the faith. Any person, regardless of current denomination or church affiliation are welcome to join an order within the CEEC USA.

Order of St. Anthony

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Order of the Companions of Christ

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USA Chaplaincy

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